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Rethinking Education and Youth Employment...

WAVE through its Ready For Work movement is influencing the education-to-education system to increase the demand and supply for competencies over credentials so that young people are work-ready.

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ReadyForWork Virtual Social Learning Platform

Join 10000+ learners online to improve your employability skills. Learn from verified industry experts.

Multiple Instructors

Focused attention by multiple instructors per student.

Industry Experts

Get trained by industry and subject matter experts.

Discussion Groups

Interact with other learners for knowledge sharing virtually.

Learn On the Go

Connect to learn anytime, anywhere and with any device conveniently

Collaborative Learning

Enhance learning through working together with group to solve problems, complete tasks, or learn new concepts.

Progressive Web App

Runs in a browser. Can be downloaded on desktop, tablet and mobiles. Extremely fast loading at 200ms. Updates work directory from the website.

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Mobile App

Hosted on App stores. Runs on Mobile devices. Slow, can be as fast as a Progressive web app. Updates require approvals from App store.

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ED, Skills Development Practice
The ReadyFoWork programme creates an opportunity to challenge the existing distortion in the school-to-work transitions system and also to chart a new path forward that enables young people not to be short-changed again in the labour market.

Mrs Detoun Ogwo
ED, Skills Development Practice

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